Frequently asked questions

Where can I find basic information on the M-Bus?

The document 'The M-Bus: A Documentation' gives information on all M-Bus layers. It is available in Winword format free of charge in the download section.

Where and when will the next Usergroup Meeting take place?

Currently no date is set for the next Usergroup meeting. There will be a meeting at the next ISH fair (which is in 2003), but there might be a meeting in 2002, too.

Does the University conduct any M-Bus seminars?


I can't obtain any information on the TSS721 M-Bus transceiver. It seems to be non existent on the Texas Instruments Web-Page.

TI's Web-Page does not give any information on the TSS721. Please contact TI's european information center:

Tel.: +49 8161 803311
E-Mail: moc.it@cipe

Is a M-Bus Master IC available, just like the TSS721 for slaves?

Not yet. To develop a Master IC for up to 50 slaves would make sense if 10.000 units p.a. can be sold. Please contact moc.sub-m@ofni, if you are interested in this development.

Who controls the list of three-letter manufacturer codes used in the header?

The list of manufacturer codes is not only used for M-Bus applications, but also referred to in IEC 62056. It is maintained by FLAG Association, a private company. It is available under http://www.dlms.com/flag/