Specification, logos and helpful materials

M-Bus specification and helpful materials

The M-Bus: A Documentation

Rev. 4.8

M-Bus Application

Rev. 1.24 (freeware for DOS, no support for commercial software for Windows ask Michael Rac)

M-Bus additional materials

Untersuchung: M-Bus Netzausdehnung,
Diplomarbeit: Ausleseeinheit,
Layout for simple M-Bus-Master for up to 3 slaves (use at your own risk!),
TSS 721A data sheet,
TSS 721 / 721A comparison

ON-Semiconductor NCN5150 Datasheet

a new M-Bus Slave Transceiver from ON Semiconductor

M-Bus Logo download

Here is the M-Bus logo in different file formats. The width is 240 mm in all cases in order to have an acceptable resolution in the pixel formats.

M-Bus logo

SVG provided by Bernd Krueger-Knauber, EPS (fixed) cleaned-up version by Karma Forester

Wireless M-Bus logo

The following logo for wireless M-Bus has been contributed by Emerson Conchione from BMETERS, Italy; SVG provided by Bernd Krueger-Knauber

Color is defined as

RGB:    0   /   0   /   255
CMY:    255 /   255 /     0


The files below are relicts from the M-Bus standardization process. They are merely informative, the only valid and binding reference is documented in the EN 13757 standard!


Bo Frank: External power supply for heat meters or their subassemblies (proposal),
WG4: Recommendations for the usage of heat meters in control applications,
WG4: Remote Power Supply for heat meters and their subunits, Rev. 3,
WG4: Communication interfaces between subunits of heatmeters, Rev. 3,
FCB and FCV-Bits and adressing